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Butler Rabbit

Room Service

Maid Rabbit

Room Service at Redbeck Rabbit Boarding  is run by Claudia and Martin a wife and husband team not to exclude our daughter  Sandra and grand daughter Jamie Lee . We established the business in 2017  Together we maintain a professional haven for your furry friends. Between us we are able to offer an impeccable round the clock service – a service that is well known in boarding circles and continuously highly recommended by our loyal and much valued customers.

Below we offer a glimpse into a typical days room service at Redbeck Rabbit Boarding.

Our Daily Routines


Room Service – First thing in the morning…

We open / visit each room in turn and all guests are fed their usual breakfast diet according to their booking form.

Quick health check (know as bum monitoring) – alway very popular with the guests

We check  food hay and dropping and clear any left over and remove any remaining cepotrops, check the security of the runs, and that everyone is eating, healthy and happy.

  1. Litter trays are cleaned.
  2. Any dirty areas removed and replaced with fresh hay.
  3. Fresh eating hays are supplied.
  4. Fresh water is supplied and topped up. 
  5. Any medications are given and documented.
  6. Fuss and attention as standard – checking everyone is eating, happy & well.


Yawning Rabbit

Guest Health Check List (am and pm)

Bright and alert ✓ ✓

Clear eyes ✓ ✓

Clear ears ✓ ✓

Clear nose / mouth ✓ ✓

Clean bottom ✓ ✓

Normal droppings ✓ ✓

Water level has decreased ✓ ✓

Food has been eaten ✓ ✓  

Weighed and medicated as required ✓ ✓


Why health check twice daily? A sick rabbit with GI Stasis, fly-strike or other illnesses can deteriorate with a few hours!

While there is always a certain risk of such illnesses occurring at any time, we do our very best to minimize this risk while the animals are in our care.

Work at redbeck rabbit boarding

Room Service – Afternoon

Caring for your pets is our family business. During the day we spend time:

  • Cleaning out empty rooms
  • Making up new rooms
  • Chopping veg
  • Washing guinea pig fleeces
  • Washing up bowls / bottles / litter trays
  • Weeding / gardening 
  • Vacuuming / dusting the cabins
  • Washing and disinfecting empty runs and paths 
  • Doing admin – (e.g. preparing room feeding notes, chasing vaccines, arranging arrival times, making bookings, answering emails/texts etc and returning calls , checking terms are signed, paying bills and checking off customer payments)
  • Ordering supplies (such as veg, hay, herb mix, dried grass, litter, cleaning materials etc)
  • Posting pictures on FB for you all to see
  • General maintenance
  • Spending some time with our guests and offering some healthy hay cookies, fenugreek, chew sticks or something similar



Room Service – Evening

  1. All guests are fed their usual dinner diet according to their booking form
  2. Litter trays are cleaned where necessary
  3. Any dirty areas removed and replaced with fresh
  4. Fresh eating hays are supplied
  5. Fresh water is supplied
  6. Any medications are given
  7. Fuss and attention – checking everyone is eating, happy & well. If not, we act fast!
  8. Shutters are closed, lights off (except the bedtime lamps)

*** Overnight a solid timber door is closed and locked over every mesh door. There is never only mesh between our guests and the outside world.


Treat Time
Redbeck Rabbit Boarding at Night

Room Service – Before Bed

  1. Guests are always checked on before bed
  2. A large handful of dried grass / herb / flower mix is fed (details on diet/menu page)

Cleaning Procedure

  1. Each enclosure is cleared of all toys and hides equipment, disinfected and aired out side till dry.
  2. Each enclosure is cleared of all bedding, hay etc.
  3. Each enclosure is swept and vacuumed thoroughly.
  4. The enclosure is then disinfected with Vercon, scrubbed, rinsed and left to dry dried.
  5. Corners are sprayed lightly with rabbit safe insecticide – repellent  (mite)   spray
  6. The enclosure is left to air for minimum of one hour or till totally dry
  7. Water bottles, bowls and litter trays are  cleaned in hot soapy water.
  8. Surrounding areas inside and outside are disinfected using virkon disinfectant .
  9. Fleeces and carpet and other materials are washed. 


  1. Only vaccinated animals are excepted,
  2. A full health check on admission and release,
  3. All animals with suspected infectious diseases will not be accepted and referred to veterinary assistance.
  4. All contaminated surfaces to cleaning before disinfection,
  5. Disinfection of floors and surfaces and contact points, as well as of the equipment and materials using Virkon S. Before reintroducing the animals, allow the area to dry for one hour and rinse thoroughly withwater any items such as food and water bowls before use.
  6. Low risk areas such as paths and runs will be disinfected weekly and/or upon the release of the animal to its owner and/or before new animal is introduced to the accommodation.
  7. Hand washing is the most important procedure when working with a guests and their furniture.
  8. Shoe baths

Warm Weather Routine

  1. Introduction of citrus spray to all surfaces (Rabbit safe insect repellent)
  2. Fly traps and zapper services maintain and switched on
  3. Bum monitoring morning, lunchtime and before bed
  4. Water temperature checks and exchange twice daily
  5. Room temperature monitored twice a day
  6. Rabbit ear temperature monitoring
  7. Fans and air conditioning serviced, maintained and switched on
  8. Sun screens introduced
  9. Cold pads, introduced and replace twice a day

Cold Weather Routine

  1. Double  hay introduced to hides
  2. Water temperature checks and exchange twice daily
  3. Room temperature monitored for day and night temperatures
  4. Rabbit temperature monitoring
  5. Heater serviced, maintained and switched on
  6. Rabbit safe heat pads, introduced and replaced twice a day
  7. Heater and heat lamps serviced, maintained and switch on

Designated Kitchen / Utility Area

Hay, herbs, grass, bowls, bottles etc are stored in a clean, secure utility area within the reception office. All equipment is dedicated to animals including fridges and freezers. The same hygiene controls in place as with any kitchen environment.

Rabbit Kitchen

Redbeck Menu

Hay & Grasses

Fresh Grass – sourced from within our on garden, this way we can insure no chemicals are used.

Also available

  • Meadow Hay
  • Orchard Grass
  • Timothy Hay
  • Alfalfa
  • Oat/Wheat/Barley Hay
  • Barley Straw
  • Dried Grass – Ready Grass,  Just Grass

Dry Forage

We bulk purchase 100% Natural forage from Natures Grub, perfect for adding variety to your rabbits diet.

All Rabbits get a mixed selection that could include
  • Mixed flowers
  • Mixed leafs
  • Mixed herbs
  • Mixed grasses

All  flowers, leaves & herbs are free from harmful pesticides & make a great addition to the natural diet of rabbits, Guinea pigs, degus & chinchillas


We here at Redbeck provide as part of our boarding

Any other pellets must be provided by the owner we are fully aware of the need to maintain and fixed diet for our guests. In our opinion  Science Selective and burgess Excel are the two top pellets on the market and this this very nature also the most expensive.


We are very selective to the treats offered but the go to treats are:

  • Science selective hoops
  • Fiber first sticks
  • Fenugreek nibbles
  • We also see fresh fruit as treats and give sparingly


  • Apple (never the pips these are toxic)
  • Banana
  • Carrot
  • Pear
  • Pineapple
  • Pepper
  • Pumpkin
  • Strawberries
  • Blackberries


From the supermarket

Beetroot greensCabbage (dark green varieties)
Carrot tops and roots as a treat
Cauliflower including the leaves
Curly kale, Normal Kale
Courgette (including flowers/excluding leaves), Jerusalem Artichoke, Marrow, Pepper
Pumpkin, Radish greens and roots
Rocket, Salad greens/lettuce (not many of these as they can make poos runny)
Spring greens
Sprouts – but if you get them a sprout tree be careful of how much of the stalk they eat as it’s very tough
Squash (any type – including cucumber)


From the supermarket

Coriander, Dill, Fennel, Mint, Parsley, Thyme, Watercress

From the Garden

Apple leaves and twigs, Avens, Blackberry leaves, Blackcurrant leaves Burdock, Camomile, Calendula, Cleavers (goosegrass or sticky weed)
Cornflower, Common mallow, Chamomile, Currant, Dandelions, Echinacia, Goats rue, Golden rod, Hawkbit, Hawthorn, Hazel, Jerusalem artichoke, Lemon balm
Lady’s Mantle, Marigold, Melilote, Mulberry, Nasturtium, Plantain (broad leaf and ribwort), Pear leaves and twigs, Raspberry leaves, Rosebay willowherb (fireweed)
Roses (leaves and flowers), Shepherd’s purse, Sow Thistle, Strawberry greens, Sunflowers, Willow leaves, Yarrow

Specialised dietary requirements

We are fully aware of special needs especially those that require dietary adjustments specifically  low  calcium diets and can offer low calcium alternative in you menu.

We also monitor what comes in and what come out, so regular monitoring will allow us to alter and change diets according to our observation and the rabbits needs.

Any new foods should be introduced SLOWLY, a very small piece at a time to allow your rabbits sensitive digestion to adjust. Some rabbits are not able to tolerate some or even all vegetables, any signs of digestive issues such as a mucky bottom and the food should be stopped and switch to dry forage.

Next time you go on holiday, wonder if your getting same the variety of options,  everything is given by a smiling caring and compassionate Butler  and Maid,  there is a good reason Redbeck is renowned for being rated by our visitors the best pet care in the area.