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Business Opportunity

In 2022 we turned down over 60 new customers amounting to over £15,000  because our set up limited us to the number of animals we can accommodate, this is not a business that can expand by extending a garden or even by buying a new premises.

Every day we are saying no to customer some willing to travel from other countries, just to use our knowledge and facilities.

To our knowledge every city in the uk has a couple of small pet boarding and we have and do openly talk the pandemic has cause a huge increase in pets and the demand for pet boarding.

Business Opportunity – Why are we looking for people to join us.

We started Redbeck Rabbit Boarding back in 2017, and the business has boomed beyond all our expectations, not only a lifestyle change but a valuable addition to family income, working from home. The term “work life balance” has ture meaning.

We are looking for like minded folk to join us in this fantastic business…

Competition everywhere, please look at the map to the right, zoom in have a look, everyone is doing it……… But there is only one Redbeck, please compare and let us know if you agree we are unique and our system stands out.

See what our customer have to say about us – Customer Reviews

Would you like to see our prospectus please follow the link and download  an electronic version 

We have even partnered up with an online training facility so you don’t have to go looking for qualifications, all part of the support system we offer.

Benefits of working with Redbeck Rabbit Boarding

Run your own business

Be your own boss, caring for small pets from the comfort of your own home and garden.

Flexible hours

You don’t have to work 9 to 5; choose flexible working hours to fit around your family life. You choose the hours you’d like to work.

Low start-up costs

Low start up costs allow for a greater return on your investment. Plus there’s no renewal fee at the end of your initial 5 year contract.

Backing and security

As a Redbeck Rabbit Boarding franchise, you will be part of a team enjoying the comfort of knowing you are associated with a established, reputable brand.


Everything you will need to run a successful business is included in our package. From the ideal accommodation for visitors, training and ongoing support.


As well as listing each branches information in some of the most searched directories on the internet, we also ensure Redbeck Rabbit Boarding is on the first page of Google to get you plenty of enquiries. Including those gifted to you from other branches We can also provide you with  marketing materials should you wish to do any additional advertising yourself.

Training & ongoing support

After initial training, we continue to provide ongoing support and back up, to help guide you through any situation you may come across. With our online forum dedicated to franchisees, you can also ask questions and share information with others.

Animal protection guidelines

Redbeck Rabbit Boarding complies with the Animal Welfare Act of 2006, RSPCA, RWAF and BRC guidance ensuring the pets in our care stay happy and healthy at all times.

It doesn’t stop there…


As part of Redbeck Rabbit Boarding , you will have access to our  online booking system, giving you the flexibility to take bookings wherever you are.

Use our  system to manage your customer’s information with ease.

A recognised brand with establish website with an excellent reputation

Receive our comprehensive manuals and associated documents  for you to use whenever you need them; and access to online training should you want to improve on your customer care or learn more about pet behaviours.

You will benefit from our ongoing support as part of the team.

More Information

If you would like a more information on the  business opportunity, please look at  the business prospectus  and if you still need more information  or would like to meet us, please  message us and arrange a visit.

NO, non disclosure agreements, nothing formal just a  casual look around at what we do and an honest and frank conversation about us and what we do and how you could get involved .

Want a change of life were you are in control…. Escape the rat race by looking after rats , guinea pigs and rabbits.

On a final note, please do have a look around the website and please do not hesitate to drop me an email if you have any questions