Frequently Asked Question – Franchise

Frequently Asked Question – Franchise

Why are you franchising your business?

Big question first, this year pet ownership has increased

  •  Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association releases its brand NEW Covid-19 Pet Survey confirming a staggering rise in pet acquisition:
  • Over one third (35%) of young adults (age 24-35) have already embarked on lives as new pet owners – or are planning to add a pet to their families
  • 2.1m (19%) collected a new pet in lockdown  1.8m (16%) are planning to add a pet to their household

Yet quality boarding facilities have not risen to meet this demand we turned down of 60 enquiry for boarding this year alone, so make sense to show others how they can benefit from this unique business model.

What makes us different

A simple 5 words make us stand out from the crowd

A hutch is not enough 

We believe that if you were to going on holiday and  and was forced to stay in a box room (Hutch) and unable to go out and explore, you would never choose to return. Unfortunately rabbits can not write reviews or complain about their treatment –  food etc…

For us the words we love to heard is “oh dear they will not want to come home” because this is how you should feel  the end of your holiday.

We know we have it right when a returning rabbit jumps out of its carrier and throws a binky   and tucks into the forage and hay.

Redbeck is all about the pet not about the convenience.

What type of support will I get?

As part of the Redbeck Family there is basically a direct line to us here at head office, where a member of the team will be able to support any enquiry, an excellent resource library on the website and a full training and support package. This is not a job for us it’s a way of life.


Is it a 7 day a week activity.

In short Yes when you have guests but we close for drop off and collection on sundays and bank holiday, so those day it’s simple animal husbandry.

Can I run another business at the same time?

The nature of this business model allows you to run plan and control your own day, you control when people visit so yes you can work from home doing other stuff or easily work it around family commitments such as school runs etc…

What about our own holidays

You are your own boss, you can close your establishment and go on holiday when ever you wish, but we recommend choosing outside of school holiday as this will be your busiest time of the year for animal boarding.

The darkside

As with all activity there is a darkside, unfortunately in this business it the untimely death of a guest,

As and when this happens and it will, we will be with you to help you through these dark times and guide you through the process.

What qualifications do I need

Minimum requirement is level 3 in animal care

As part of the package we will give you all the qualifications you need including the level 3 in animal care plus  support in running the business. but the main qualification is the love of animals. Accredited Pet Care Professional

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