Rabbit Health Checks

Every month we here at the Redbeck we undertake hold what we call a monthly health check, yes this takes about 10 mins each rabbit but I will share the our little system.

1, Each rabbit is weighed and recorded, over the years we have very comprehensive graphs on each rabbit so we can quickly notice and major weight change up or down.


2, Ears, we look for cuts or scratched as this would be a quick indicator if the ears are a cause of irritation, there are viruses that malignant tumours very easy to see within the ears if the ear appear to carry anything that looks like a dirty ear treatment is administered.


3, Eyes, we are looking for soreness or wetness around the eyes, any redness or what looks like sleep will be monitored closely, scratched or dust in the eye is bathed and ointment is administered


4, Teeth, we feel the jaw line feeling for any irregular area especially on the lower jaw the have a look at the incisors we also look along the gum line for spots or soreness.


5, Coat, starting at the back of the neck we are looking for two thing, anything that looks like dandruff (Fur Mite) and we feel every part of the body looking for bumps, lumps or spots.


6, Nails, cut nail that require cutting but pay close attention to the dew claw as this can be the cause of many a scratch to the head and eyes, we use straight cutters as we feel it give us better control and allow use to angle the cut, the round dog type claw cutter is blunt and crush a claw..


7, BRC rings, rotate ring and ensure no irritation in that area all legs are checked and hock are inspected any matting or knots in the hair on the hind feet are combed clear.

8, Vents checked and cleaned with warm water as required, anus and genitals inspected for and signs of irritations, soiling and excess hair is removed from area.


9, Hind quarters and bellying is inspected again for sign of mites , spots etc, and lactating does nipples are closely look at for irritation of signs of infection, sometime the hair is matted and cleaned in this area if required.


10, My favour a bit little box/ cage inspection we look though the litter try inspecting fecal dropping looking at size and nature, looking for good fibre content and record it peals eg pellets strung together with hair also any uneaten night droppings finding for each rabbit recorded and diet alter according to the finding.


11, Us a stethoscope to listen to heart and gut function.

12, we review they diet and additives added over the last month, eg vitamins, apple cider vinegar, Easy Coxs.

This sounds a little OCD but we have seen fixed and confident in saying saved rabbits lives by this schedule, but this activity is not only done monthly but is triggered the second we see a rabbit acting unusually or of their food.

This is what we understand as a heath check, next time you go to your vets mentally tick off how many of these activities they do and ask your self could you?

Martin Maran
Author: Martin Maran

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