Frequently Ask Questions about Small Animal Boarding

Frequently Ask Questions about Small Animal Boarding


We are happy to answer any questions that you may have. Below I have listed the questions we are asked on a regular basis. Occasionally we are asked a new question, when that happens I’ll add it here.

What experience do you have with looking after animals?

We are active, British Rabbit Council , Rabbit Welfare Fund Associate RWAF members, agricultural show show secretary for a number of local  shows, then support and work with a number local veterinary and rescue centres, Held Trustee of local RSPCA.

Experience with animals, to be honest the both of us are over 50 years old and both grown up with animals, so lets say a while with over 30 years of marriage one constant that remains is we have shared our home with many animals.

Horses, Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Rodents of all varieties, Birds of all varieties, Reptiles of all varieties

We never refer to them as pets as that denotes a type of ownership, we believe we are blessed with sharing this short journey  with these beautiful creatures.

What do others say about you and your services (References)

We believe you live and die from the words of others , so we have actively sort feedback both positive and negative from our friends and customers, please look at our reviews



Do you have a policy on vaccinations?

All our rabbits are vaccinated, All visiting rabbits must be vaccinated against VHD 1 & 2 and Myxomatosis. Vaccinations must be in date and records will be checked on arrival. We do not board unvaccinated rabbits under any circumstances. Rabbits must have received BOTH Nobivac and Filivac vaccinations (Myxo, VHD 1 &2) at least 3 weeks’ prior to admission.

If you have no certificates, an email directly from your vet to me would be acceptable too. 

Guinea Pigs need no vaccinations.

Do you have insurance

Yes we have fully insurance both for our guests and visitors (Pet Business Insurance)

What do you do if you suspect a pet in your care is unwell?

We have been caring for rabbits and guinea pigs professionally for over 15 years – I am VERY experienced the care of rabbits and guinea pigs. Of course a pet’s health can deteriorate suddenly for many reasons, however I notice changes in behaviour and subtle tell tale signs of illness way before a less-experienced person would.

Some illnesses such as gut stasis can cause rabbit fatality very quickly so I take no chances. I keep a stock of fibreplex and syringes for immediate emergency hydration if appropriate, and whatever the time of day or night, your rabbit will be taken to the vet. 

We will try to contact you but if I suspect a pet is unwell and requires veterinary treatment, they will be taken immediately for a consultation. In accordance with the Boarding Contract, you agree to abide by the vet’s bill on collection of your pet. If I cannot get hold of you, I shall make decisions in the best interests of the animal after consultation with the vet and contact you as soon as I am able.

Sadly, small pets can pass away with little or no warning and in this instance, you will be contacted as soon as possible and arrangements made for the rabbit or guinea pig to be taken to our local vets.

You will have the option of the animal being held pending your return or for me to authorise individual cremation on your behalf with all costs payable by you on your return from holiday.

Do you have the support of a rabbit and guinea pig/small animal savvy Vet? / Do they operate an Emergency Vet service and what is it like?

Yes, I have a good relationship with a local rabbit/guinea pig savvy veterinary practice who offer late and weekend opening hours and have a 24 hour emergency vet service. I have personal experience of having used the vets for my own animals and am pleased with the knowledge and care they provide. Terry Croud   at

What is your cleaning out routine?

Litter trays are changed and disinfected routinely, soiled bedding is removed daily, a full clean is done every third day.

We use veterinary grade disinfectant (Virkon, ) and steam cleaning of runs.

We have a full biosecurity policy

Do my pets go out on the grass?

If multiple rabbits are allowed to share the same grassy area to exercise there is high risk of passing on infection as there is no way grass can be adequately disinfected. So NO,  but we do offer every guest access to a individual exercise area (Run) on a hard standing that can be fully disifected.

How much time will be spent with my pet/s?

There is, generally, somebody here all day. Everyone gets plenty of attention

Can I phone/text for updates while I’m away?

Yes, but we do offer daily photos  via our Facebook where updates are given frequently on all the animals here. For non facebook users with are happy to send email updates on request. We will respond to texts and call but only during our core working hours as soon as we can.

We promise I will contact you / your emergency contact immediately should we have any concerns.

Do you charge extra to look after pets on Bank Holidays, Christmas day etc?


No we charge the same price 365 per year – Christmas day included, and the pets receive the same love, time and attention 365 per year too. But please check our opening hours as we do close for arrivals and collections over the 3 day Christmas period including all bank holidays.


Can I put a camera in my pets room?

Unfortunately No. We have full CCTV for all our guests and the entire facility, sharing wifi will give full access to our entire home, this we feel is a breach of data / privacy regulations. But we will send regular photo and videos via our private facebook account  which we will encourage you to join.

I’ve never left my fur-babies before and am really worried about leaving them. Can I see where he/she will stay? 

Yes you are welcome to arrange a viewing before your holiday. In fact, I strongly advise that you visit a few boarding establishments BEFORE making your booking, to make sure you’re 100% happy about where you are leaving your pets. I am confident that you will leave feeling totally reassured. 

On arrival, we now give  check your pets a full health check. 

Another thing worth thinking about… if you have a sensitive bunny who doesn’t cope well with the journey here, it’s best to put them straight in their room and leave them to relax. They may need a few minutes peace to recover from the journey – peace which they will sense from the other bunnies as soon as they arrive. Prolonged fussing from an anxious human doesn’t settle the animal in my experience, and we need to get them happily munching asap. So please trust me to settle your bunny. I’ll soon let you know if I have concerns.


I have an unneutered  rabbit. Can they stay with you?

A: Sorry but no, all  rabbits and bonded pairs must be neutered.

Should you have any further questions that are not answered here, you are welcome to contact us.