Rabbit Health Checks

Every month we here at the Redbeck we undertake hold what we call a monthly health check, yes this takes about 10 mins each rabbit but I will share the our little system. 1, Each rabbit is weighed and recorded, over the years we have very comprehensive graphs on...

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Coccidiosis (Coxi)

Firstly I would like to reference the blog post about rabbit health checks. In short this checking system has yet again saves a rabbits life… So where do we start, like many rabbit story’s at Redbeck it started one morning, 6.30am like most mornings there is a routine where...

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What is myxomatosis?

Myxomatosis is a severe viral disease of rabbits that decimated the wild rabbit population when it arrived in Britain 50 years ago. Domestic rabbits are also susceptible to the disease and deaths in pets are reported every year. The number and severity of outbreaks varies over time: the myxomatosis...

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